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The Islamic Republic Of Iran first participated in Worldvision 09 Madrid and participated in every edition, except Wordvision 14, until Worldvision 16. Iran returned in Wordlvision 21 in Barcelona.

Iran also participated in the Congratulations Edition in Faroe and reached place 7 out of 39 entries.


Googoosh (WV11, Congrats Edition)

Juror HistoryEdit

  • Amir (WV09 - present)

Iran at WorldVisionEdit

WV Artist Song SF Result REJU Final
09 The Ways feat. Nikaeen Zamin 14th (50 pts) 1st (59 pts) 18th (94 pts)
10 Amir Tataloo Hesse Mamooli 20th (35 pts) 8th (36 pts) DNQ
11 Googoosh Nagoo Bedroud 7th (82 pts) 3rd (58 pts) 6th (136 pts)
12 Simiya Bavaram Nemishe 22nd (40 pts) 22nd (11 pts) DNQ
13 Azam Ali In Other Worlds 8th (75 pts) 17th (22 pts) 13th (116 pts)
15 Tooji If It Wasn't For You 12th (62 pts) 20th (13 pts) DNQ
16 The Ways Shal 12th (49 pts) 15th (35 pts) DNQ
21 Justina Negah 15th (59 pts) 15th (20 pts) DNQ
Congrats Googoosh Nagoo Bedroud - - 7th (70 pts)
22 ? ? ? ? ?


  • Iran qualified for the Final 3 out of 8 times, while the first qualification was because of REJU
  • Iran sent only three female singers, of which two qualified to the final. Of the 5 male contestants only one qualified
  • Iran reached the Top 10 once. It was Googoosh who achieved 6th place for Iran in WV11
  • Despite the bad qualification rate Iran was never in the bottom 5 (Semi, Final and also REJU)
  • In the semi-finals Iran gave most points to Japan and Germany and received most points from Norway, in the finals Iran gave most points to Italy and received most points from Morocco
  • Iran was only the second Middle Eastern country after Israel to join the contest, the third and last one so far was Lebanon
  • In the Congrats Edition Iran received 12 points from Portugal and gave 12 points to Faroe Islands, which eventually won the contest
  • In the Congrats Edition Iran was the only non-european country to reach the Top 10
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