Israel debuted in WorldVision 01 in Rio De Janeiro but didn't reach the final and eventually failed to vote.
After being absent for 15 editions Israel returned to the contest in WorldVision 17. Israel only reached the Top 10 once with Sarit Hadad's "Meachelet Lecha" in WorldVision 18 in London.


Sarit Hadad who achieved Israel's first and only Top 10-result

Juror HistoryEdit

  • EscTurkey: WV01
  • Matthias: WV17-present

Israel at WorldVisionEdit

Edition Song Artist SF Points Position
01 Romanti Or Sympati Dudu Aharon 1 47 14 SF
17 Ahava Ktana Shiri Maimon 1 56 (63) 11 (8) SF
18 Meachelet Lecha Sarit Hadad - 117 10
19 Chalomot Shel Acherim Idan Raichel 1 112 15
20 Barechov Chen Aharoni 1 99 19
23 More Than A Memory Miri Milman 2 52 12 SF
24 Achshav Ata Chozer Be'chazera Miri Mesika 1 141 12
25 All Is One Orphaned Land 1 DSQ DSQ
26 TBA Shiri Maimon TBA ? ?


  • Israel was pre-qualified for the final in WorldVision 18 because of a voting mistake in the previous edition, which would see Israel qualify instead of Cyprus
  • Since re-joining in WorldVision 17 Israel qualified for the finals in 3 out of 4 editions (not including the edition with the voting mistake)
  • In the final voting Israel gave most points to Italy (40 points in total) and also received most points from Italy (30 points in total)
  • Israel failed to vote in WV25 and was therefore disqualified despite reaching #8 in the regular voting and #2 in the REJU voting
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