World Vision Song Contest #34
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Host Glasgow, Scotland
Date 18 August - 6 September 2014
Entries 55
Winner Switzerland
Anna Rossinelli - Shine In The Light
Debuting None
Returning Morocco
Withdrawing Belgrade
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The 34th WorldVision edition was held in Glasgow, Scotland between August 17 and September 6, 2014 thanks to Kathleen MacInnes' win in New York at WV33.  55 countries/regions from around the world took part in two semi-finals, with 27 participating in the grand final.  Among the participants included many past artists from the Eurovision Song Contest.

The edition was won by Switzerland with the song "Shine In The Light" by Anna Rossinelli, with Pastora Soler taking second for Spain with "Vive".  It is the first win for Switzerland since its debut in WV04 and subsequently its return to the main roster in WV15.  As well, it is the third consecutive new country/region to win the competition

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